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About Us

Binary Coalescence is a Nashville-based startup founded in 2013. Since inception, we have been focused on bringing open source technology solutions to real world societal problems. Binary Coalescence was originally created to tackle Internet service monopolization using decentralized meshnets, and our most recent project, Arclet, brings an energy efficient blockchain solution to peer-to-peer file sharing in order to decentralize the function of private trackers and actually pay content creators when peers download their creations.

We are currently seeking early-round investors, so if you're looking for fast growth opportunities in the cryptocurrency space, we'd love to discuss what we can do together. Get in touch here.


Daniel Sissom, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Sissom has always loved thinking about big problems and how to solve them. He studied physics as an undergrad at Tennessee Tech University, doing research in nuclear physics both on campus and at the HRIBF particle accelerator at Oak Ridge National Lab. At Vanderbilt University, Daniel specialized in galactic- and extragalactic-scale computational astronomy, earning a master's degree in 2012 and doctoral degree in 2015. As part of his research, Dr. Sissom studied galaxy formation and dynamics, supermassive black hole mergers, evolution of the early Universe, and the simulation and initialization techniques required to accurately model these complex systems.

At Binary Coalescence, Dr. Sissom has enjoyed the opportunities he has had to work on a diverse set of projects. Running a small startup requires having a hand in every aspect of the company, from inception and development of the primary projects to web development and accounting. In development of these projects, Daniel has further developed his skills in data analysis, networking protocols, web development, machine learning, and blockchain development.