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Binary Coalescence is an open-source software startup developing products from simple iOS utilities to novel cryptocurrencies and AI music composition libraries. We bring experience in computational astrophysics, big data analysis, high performance scientific computing, numerical simulation and modeling, web development, cryptography, networking, machine learning, and blockchain development to our projects.

Our commitment to free and open-source software comes from our beleif that using open-source code is the only way to really trust that your software is doing what it's supposed to do. We release our major projects under FOSS licenses, and that means you can peak inside, make sure everything is operating as expected, and change things to work the way you want.




We are very pleased to announce our most recent project: Arclet! Arclet is a new peer-to-peer file sharing network and cryptocurrency that uses an energy-efficient blockchain to pay content creators, reduce piracy, incentivize community-benefiting behavior, and fully decentralize the functions of private trackers.

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SimpleColor is an iOS color management utility app to capture, convert, and organize colors. Input color values directly with intuitive component sliders or a hex editor, or capture real world colors live from the camera stream with a constantly updating preview. Colors can then be converted among a number of representations and saved to palettes that sync via iCloud to all of your iOS devices.

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MLCompose is a Python library for algorithmic music composition. The goal of the project is to be able to ingest MIDI music files, use the data to train machine learning models, and generate new AI-composed music output as either new MIDI files or fully engraved sheet music.

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Support free and open source development! If you like software that doesn't charge you money and allows you the freedom to view, modify, and distribute the source code, please consider donating to support our development efforts. We do not sell advertisements or your data, so donations like yours help us keep on making great stuff.

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